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Concept: Chinese characters were called "squared characters". The pictograph characteristic of Chinese characters seems like mini graphic design in the two-dimensional space, components follow a specific grid by simple strokes.


This project provided an innovative grid in grid system of conceptual graphic design by using the structure of Chinese characters to create an innovative grid for Graphic Design.

Experimental Book Design

Innovative Grid System

Brand Identity

National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialist

Concept: The logo is a combination of type and symbols with a unique, easily recognized color combination. Three concise droplets were represented as members who come from the clinic nurse specialist profession formed NACNS. A clear and visible cross mark was shaped by drops and type to express a sense of medicine relative association. Also, three centralized forms can convey a spirit of solidarity.

Package Design

Red for Men Skin Care

Concept: Red can give audiences an impression with energetic, enthusiastic, emotive, active, positive, optimistic, impacted, and expressive. To explored and discovered appropriate visual communication approaches to express the brand identity of the value of Red in the packaging design and other extended designs.

Magazine Design

Visual Atmosphere

Concept: To create a visual system to support an editorial position and instead of using formulas to made a graphic design magazine, and solve a visual publication problem with an experimental solution, also to developed individual approaches in graphic design processing.



Experimental Book Design

Characteristics of Material

Concept: To express different emotional characteristics by using different materials with a metaphor and connotation method.

Poster Design

Senior Citizens, Inc. Series

Concept: This project was designed for Senior Citizens, Inc. SCI is Savannah's largest non-profit agency dedicated to enhancing seniors' quality of life. I attempted to improve this topic by a different approach — humor and delight, in order to evoke conscience, mercy and kindness and educating the audience of the facts without any negative and aggressive content. The design depends on positive style, emotional illustration, photographs and serious, impactive typography to communicate the topic.

Packaging Design

Coofun Man's Shirt

Concept: Naming and establishing a Brand Identity and the execution of that brand ID over a few items that would be used in branding an apparel line and achieve an appropriate and creative visual expression of culture through graphic elements by using an intensive and deep thinking process.

Ad Campaign Design


Concept: The project focused on series posters to re-think attitudes about elderly adults in society. Develop community relations to support services for older adults in the community and build morale by demonstrating to elderly adults that they are valued and appreciated.

Typeface Design

China Seal

Concept: The concept of typeface - China Seal was inspired from ancient Chinese Seal Character. The project explores and develops one-stroke movement structure to convey aesthetic, concise, readable, flexible, and a sense of humor. The opportunity for this typeface is broad; it can be used by magazine, fashion, telecommunication, hi-tech, office supply, etc.

Poster Design

Telling the Truth

Concept: Starting from a dot, extension of a dot becomes a line, and the extension of a line becomes a panel. There is a thinking path through the whole series. Also, each set was given a meaning of thinking stage. The works employed traditional monochrome Chinese painting materials and methods, which imply an observation from an oriental angle of view. Three premier principles and basic factors of design have been applied dot, line and panel to serve as the central visual symbols, utilizing Chinese painting's characteristics of conciseness and metaphor, monochrome variability, and connotative effect to warn the problems that people must face. I refined the English alphabets into the element strokes of Chinese characters, according to the spelling of English words re-organizing with Oracle's structure. It is neither English nor Chinese. It is Oracle, which is not Oracle. It is a hint and charm of cross-cultural digesting and understanding a two dimensional intersection of cultures, but also a richer three-dimensional stereoscopic cultural.


Media: Chinese Brush and Ink on Rice Paper

Interactive Web Design

Logo Educational Website

Concept: The project emphasized and developed a Logo Design Education Website dedicated to the promotion, study, and support of logo, its history and development. The design objective of this site was to create a friendly, functional, human-centered and visually stimulating multimedia pieces with a strong logo environment and an interesting interface.

 Design Outreach


Promotion Design

Portfolio and Mailer

UI Design

Senior Citizen

Concept: To design Senior Citizen Inc website for consistent an appropriate look with Senior Citizen Inc website while implement basic-level accessibility standards.

Motion Graphics

Multimedia Installation, Animation, MV, Special Effect

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